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Le Nez du vin

Le Nez du Vin

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Cool links : Le Nez du Vin - The Scent of Wine - Jean Lenoir Editions : educate your sense of smell  

The Scents of Wine - Le Nez du Vin

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To develop our sense of smell :
We all have a very sensitive sense of smell but practice help us to recognize and identify with ease the different aromas present in wine.

Learning the language of wine :
How can we detect the aromas in wines if these  are not stored in our scent memory of if we cannot put a name to them?
Jean Lenoir approaches the problem as if writing a dictionary, introducing us to aromas and helping us remember them as if we were learning a foreign language. The collection provides users with a way of communicating their love of wine.

Improving our appreciation of wine :
We all enjoy drinking good wine but that pleasure is heightened if we are able to appreciate different tastes and assess the wine's richness and complexity.

The Scent of Wine 54 aromas - Jean Lenoir editions

The Scent of Wine


Cards of the Scent of Wine


A collection of 54 aromas in bottles :
These are typical aromas found in white and red wines from France and around the world. They give us an indication of the wine's origin and the grape variety as well as the vineyard and the winemaking. Keeping these aromas in mind helps establishing and an accurate and coherent vocabulary to further stimulate our appreciation of fine wines.

54 illustrated explanatory cards :
These cards specify the aromas and the corresponding molecules and list the wines in which they can be found.

A booklet :
This explains why the taste of wine depends on its aromas and suggests three different methods of initiation :

  • From aromas to wines
  • From grape varieties to aromas
  • From the vineyard to aromas

Aroma bottle of the Scent of Wine



Smell the aromas, try to identity them and let yourself be drawn into the pleasure of the game. You will soon become proficient at recognizing the different aromas and find that you are enjoying wine more and more.
Le Nez du Vin is acknowledged as a reference manual and has been translated into several languages.
It is used by wine trade professionals and amateurs alike.

Aromas of the Scent of Wine




A new version of "Le Nez du Vin" for 2000
Le Nez du Vin is based on the best selling book by Jean Lenoir.
The collection has been updated for the new millennium to replicate the delicate flavors of wines from around the globe.
  • 14 new aromas with a separate kit devoted to wine faults.
  • Aromas are classified by group, not alphabetically, making the exercises easier.
  • The quality of the aromas has been enhanced so they will last at least 10 years.
  • The aromas are closely related to molecular composition of wine. For example the taste of lemon in wine comes from citral, so citral is the sample in our bottle.
  • Information on the sense of smell and the aromas themselves has been updated to account for the spectacular progress made in science over the last five years.


Market price : 300 €

Our price
285 € /inc. VAT  ( 266 € exc. VAT)

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1 Lemon
2 Grapefruit
3 Orange
4 Pineapple
5 Banana
6 Lychee
7 Melon
8 Muscat
9 Apple
10 Pear
11 Quince
12 Strawberry
13 Raspberry
14 Redcurrant
15 Blackcurrant
16 Bilberry
17 Blackberry
18 Cherry
19 Apricot
20 Peach
21 Almond (kernel)
22 Prune
23 Walnut
24 Hawthorn
25 Acacia
26 Linden
27 Honey
28 Rose
29 Violet
30 Green pepper
31 Mushroom
32 Truffle
33 Yeast
34 Cedar
35 Pine
36 Liquorices
37 Blackcurrant bud
38 Cut hay
39 Thyme
40 Vanilla
41 Cinnamon
42 Clove
43 Pepper
44 Saffron
45 Leather
46 Musk
47 Butter
48 Toasted bread
49 Roasted almonds
50 Roasted hazelnut
51 Caramel
52 Coffee
53 Dark chocolate
54 Smoked


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